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College of Saint Elizabeth announces new name: Saint Elizabeth University

Following two years of arranging, it’s authentic: The College of Saint Elizabeth has reported it has another name: Saint Elizabeth University (SEU).

While the Morristown-based establishment may have an alternate name and logo, its central goal continues as before: to motivate understudies to grasp social equity and self-improvement through projects that are intended to assist them with finding their voice, arrive at their fullest potential, and set them up for an important and fruitful future.

Dr. Helen J. Streubert, leader of SEU, clarified that the change mirrors the immense scope of instructive open doors accessible at the school.

“We have been offering expert’s and doctoral projects for a long while,” she said. “Fundamentally, we are working as a college. Changing the name is the following stage in the development of the College of Saint Elizabeth.”

With a rich history established in the Catholic human sciences convention, the college has been propelling its central goal ceaselessly throughout the long term, Streubert said.

Initially an all-female organization, SEU went through one of its most huge changes in 2016, when it conceded guys into its customary undergrad program. This past May, SEU graduated its first co-instructive college course practically.

Some portion of the college’s central goal is to ingrain a feeling of administration and administration to others in its understudies. Those characteristics have demonstrated basic during the pandemic.

Streubert highlighted the requirement for exceptionally talented medical services laborers, and noticed that college’s profoundly respected nursing program graduates people who proceed to dominate in this field.

Of 64 schools in the district offering Bachelor’s Degrees in Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing, SEU positions number one in best worth, as indicated by The Philadelphia Inquirer, which revealed that SEU RN-to-BSN understudies will make a normal of $83,400 in their first year while just owing $14,250 in understudy obligation.

SEU’s doctoral center is professional based, offering programs in Educational Leadership and a Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) in Counseling Psychology. Furthermore, the college offers 16 ace’s projects, including general wellbeing and information examination. The requirement for people with the aptitudes these projects give has flooded since the beginning of COVID-19.

“Social duty is at the center of the college, so understudies are continually acknowledging this,” Streubert said.

While the pandemic has forestalled any prompt festival of the college’s new name and status, Streubert clarified that the school network expects to respect the qualification when it is protected to “accumulate nearby once more.”

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