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Linden’s School 5 wins US Department of Education’s Blue Ribbon

A school in New Jersey has been granted a national distinction.

The saying at School 5 in Linden is “The place dreams wake up.”

Thursday, the U.S. Branch of Education granted the school its renowned Blue Ribbon, an acknowledgment of scholarly greatness.

At the point when the pandemic hit, homerooms were left unfilled the nation over. Children planned to class from home, yet clearly children and instructors from School 5 in Linden didn’t let an infection wreck the heavy objective that they’d set for themselves.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos made the declaration in a unique video message.

It’s a public training honor that perceives understudies performing at elevated levels or taking tremendous jumps.

One key fixing that got School 5 is love.

“We generally love our understudies first here at School 5 and once the understudies realize the amount they are adored they buckle down for us since they realize that we have their eventual benefits as a primary concern,” said Laura Scamardella, School 5 head.

The declaration was notable for Linden.

“We are ecstatic! I acquired this as the new administrator, however it says a lot about the network,” Superintendent Marnie Hazelton said.

“Since Mrs. Scamardella has been able to class 5 she has increased present expectations and it is a recognition for her difficult work,” said Derek Armstead, Mayor of Linden.

Through everything, the school has ascended to the top.

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