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New Jersey’s Mel’s Butcher Box is serving top-notch burgers on-the-go

Mel’s Butcher Box is hitting the roads of New Jersey serving first class burgers and cheesesteaks in a hurry.

Melanie Landano, known for her work with Pat Lafrieda Meat Purveyors, has curated a delightful and great menu, which incorporates a scrumptious ribeye cheesesteak with caramelized onions and her particular Mel’s Double Burger.

“I chose to clergyman a menu with the most stunning meat utilizing the Pat LaFrieda brand. Everything is newly specially made,” said Landano.

Landano, who has functioned as a café expert and has directed the launch of different LaFrieda cafés, would now be able to be discovered serving her unique burgers and cheesesteaks at nearby wearing games, parking areas, and cooking individual gatherings.

The overflow of help got from the local area, a large number of whom line awake for hours to attempt one of Mel’s cheesesteaks, has motivated Landano to extend this endeavor and widen the scope of Mel’s Butcher box, bringing her remarkable flavor and extraordinary experience to meat darlings the whole way across New Jersey.

“We’re not simply a food truck. I’m dealing with it like a genuine eatery, my own block, and mortar on wheels,” said Landano.

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